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Combine multiple billboards + mobility + tens of thousands of prospective customers each day, and you've got an unbeatable source of advertising revenue, thanks to AD TRUCKS USA! AD TRUCKS USA. was founded in 2000 to meet the unique mobile outdoor advertising needs of the New York City market. We specialize in the production and implementation of full-color mobile outdoor advertising campaigns using both trucking companies with whom we contract, our own custom designed "Mobilboard" Trucks, and other mobile media. We feature the newest and largest mobile billboards available, along with the latest innovations in nighttime lighting systems to take your advertising message exactly where you need it... when you need it.

3-Way TruckSide Billboards

We specialize in local delivery Trucks that travel the same routes, day after day. Additionally, we have contracts with a variety of trucking companies state-wide that do deliveries outside New York City, as well as state-to-state runs -- providing you with multiple exposures simultaneously. All Trucks feature two side billboards and rear door billboards, for 3-way advertising exposure. We also work with many delivery and transportation companies to provide our clients with the ability to advertise using trailers and large delivery vehicles. This form of mobile advertising presents widespread exposure, whether used strictly within urban areas or along interstate routes.

Our Own Mobile Billboards

Our “Mobilboard” Trucks provide 3-way exposure at trade shows, sporting and special events, and grand openings. These customized vehicles feature 8' x 14' panels, street-level visibility, side lighting and an external sound system - for more exposure time and space per consumer compared with other outdoor advertising, at only pennies per square foot.

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